Welcome to Palaniappa Textiles website. Palaniappa Textiles, was established in the year 1987 and has been a leader in the textile business for over 26 years. Palaniappa Textiles success story has a fairy tale ring to it. Started as a small retail store in Chennai by a young man called Palaniappa in 1987, the family-run shop did steady business for thirty years.

Palaniappa Textiles soon built up an image of unrivalled quality at reasonable prices; its roster of loyal clients also grew multifold. An 26 year brand with considerable equity, Palaniappa Textiles is still the popular destination of choice for silks and wedding sarees today.

Palaniappa Textiles has offering everything from traditional silks to lightweight versions like crepe and chiffons to even designer sarees. It also boasts of an apparel line for women and ready-to-wear menswear - with a sizeable private-label collection - accessories, stoles, dupattas and some soft furnishings.

With 26 years of considerable brand equity, Palaniappa Textiles is poised to scale even greater heights. An iconic heritage brand steeped in tradition, Palaniappa Textiles upholds the core values of Trust and Quality.